A little bit about how the Comparative Heritage project began…


Whether as augment or replacement to traditional modes of communicating, preserving or transmitting information, data, and research on heritage, the vision of the Comparative Heritage project is to be a key site in the digitization, documentation, and research on comparative heritage universes. As a facilitator of understanding between individuals and the complex instrument that heritage often assumes, Comparative Heritage holds ample space for exploring of meaningful dialogues.


Given the ongoing challenges and opportunities which are present around research on digitization of cultures and human universes, the mission at Comparative Heritage is to facilitate intercultural, interpersonal, and transmedia interactions among practitioners, laypersons, and academics through substantively intentional and substantially intellectual deliberations, research, interviews, and conversations (via seminars, workshops, and conferences, etc.) that challenge the shifting sites of heritage.


  1. Participate in ongoing events and conversations
  2. Lead (formally or informally) on comparative heritage ideas
  3. Be a CHERI speaker at a CHERIT event
  4. Donate Send encouragement/goodwill notes: Comparative Heritage: 35 Patterson Road, Unit 464451, Lawrenceville GA 30042


The Comparative Heritage (CHERIT) project identifies, studies, and documents the invocation of the phenomenon of “heritage” as represented in various forms of social expressions: human behaviors, cultural beliefs, political actions or apathy. The expression of “heritage” may be observed also through various trends in modernity (modernization and globalization) producing categorizations of the phenomenon which the west has termed as “religion.”