Religion Environment in the Niger Delta (REND) is a digital magazine focusing on the economics of ecological and spiritual sensibilities, debuts online in late October 2018. It will (hopefully) be issued once every month (throughout the year: 3 Volumes in every Issue).

Submissions in article, photographic, and video formats are accepted, provided they address the theme/focus of the issue of month. The CfP is open and on a rolling basis.

Materials submitted by scholars and practitioners from minority regions, particularly those in the Two-Thirds World, including, but not limited to, those in the Niger Delta region, receive priority treatment because of the ongoing ecological destruction and environmental degradation which began with the discovery of crude oil in commercial quantities, and the subsequent incursions on their ancestral lands, and the ensuing exploitation by multinational oil companies.

As previously stated, the goal of REND—to bring renewed publicity and awareness to the lived and ongoing experiences of the people of the Niger Delta—reopens and furthers critical engagements of postmodern and postcolonial issues of power and powerlessness, economy of productions and control as they relate to the ecology and spirituality of conquered and colonized peoples in a globalizing world.

Suggested length of article from 500 words upwards.


Dr. David Olali

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New contributors and collaborators are welcome!