Faith, Power, and Scripture: Contexts, Gestures of Psycho-Social Phenomena

Many stories of abuses from and within churches, especially those founded by immigrants from Africa, would not have reached the ears of the outside world had there been listening ears within the walls of the churches that abuse, or if the associates’ of abusers have had the right dosage of a combination of courage, diligence, honor, integrity to rightly divide the Word of truth. Inability to stand outside of the box of petty interest and personal politics prevents the world from witnessing courageous stand-outs in the church. Therefore, it is hardly a surprise that our children look outside for their heroes, because our double standards are second-to-none! We condemn the world of sin, but we condone our own simply because they are ours to protect! The watershed of faith is not realized when things go well. Faith is not faith, unless it is tested by situations. It is from those situations that men and women are born. Truth sets free! In Churches that Abuse, Professor Ronald M. Enroth lays down for all exactly who the abusers are and how to recognize them. Reading Enroth will leave you with the conclusion that those who condone abusers are themselves veritable conduits of abuses.”